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Welcome Rockland Insurance Team!


Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to review your digital marketing efforts and offer our professional opinion on how you can improve with the ultimate goal of getting more customers, helping more people, and, of course, MAKING MORE MONEY.


Below you will find the report card for your business. Don't be alarmed! This is not going on your permanent record, and you don't even have to show your parents! Our grading is based on "C" being the average of what businesses like yours are doing, "F" would be no action taken, and "A" would be the level we'd expect you to be at to take full advantage of digital marketing and social media to grow your business. 


Just like school, it is not enough to simply attend classes. You can go to school every day and still fail! Same thing with social media. You need to apply focused effort and strategy and time management to get good grades!


Our objectives are to elevate your image to gain potential customers' trust and relieve pressure from your team so they can do what they do best -- helping people.


Let's get started with your audit. Remember, everything we cite below can be fixed and significantly improved with the right set of tools, skills, and knowledge Tiny Sparrow Marketing brings to your team. You are in a very good place to begin utilizing social media to your business's advantage!

Report Card

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In a perfect world, we would all post 3x per day on average and employee a healthy mix of different types of content (memes, education, behind the scenes, interviews, articles, blogs, etc.). Posting that frequently would result in maximum ROI and exposure, but your team at Rockland is doing much better than most. Your efforts truly show, and you have a wonderful public liaison with the videos of Angie. However, realize that not every post is going to be seen by all your followers every single time thanks to the algorithms. Remember, it's a marathon, not a race. So, the more value you put out there, the higher your visibility will become. 




Posts need to be professional looking, but not so much that they feel "unrelatable."  Posts need to be clean, polished, and look good so consumers can let their guard down and trust you.


It would be best if you were using social media to tap into all of the phycological buying habits, such as creating a portal to educate your current and potential customers everything about your company, it's products, and why someone should buy them from Rockland! Make your services "desirable." In other words, convince people they can't live without Rockland.


Another point, they need to get to know you before they do business with you. Think TV anchor. You know them and feel connected with them, but have never met them. Social media can be used to accomplish this same effect with your customers. Angie has done a great job of this with her PUN DAY MONDAY posts. But now, let her educate.




According to the Pew Research Center, 40% of U.S. adults always check online reviews before making a purchase -- and that is the lowest survey number we could find. Forbes magazine also cites a recent BrightLocal survey that revealed 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as their friends’ and families’ recommendations.


Use your current reviews and comments to "piggyback" the humble brag --  use them to continue branding and highlighting your services. Imagine you get a positive remark about a staff member online, you can reply to it by saying: "We love Jake too! And did you know he is the best in the county at XYZ? Give us a call if you need any of that in your life!."


Potential clients are going to social media and Google (which uses keywords in your reviews to increase your search ranking) to find your reviews fast. Make it an easy choice for them with review and reputation management. Whenever possible, testimonials should be turned into case studies that tell a story (problem, solution, results) -- ideally incorporating interviews of the person.




Authority for Rockland is lacking (from what it could be) due to insufficient educational content, backlinks, and outbound links. Again, having a well-manicured online presence and marketing strategy will elevate your image as professionals and draw in more clients. Teaching, teaching, and re-teaching the same thing, but from a different angle, are keys to success in this new digital landscape! Be the industry leader! Up level your authority and prestige to attract more industry contacts (loan officers, realtors, title company, etc.)

Audit Highlights

Bird Solo PNG 2019.png

Google “My Business Listing”

  • Very well done, this is an extremely powerful facet to most digital marketing plans and you’ve crushed it! Great Job!



  • The strongest of all your platforms

  • Content is industry and business related. Needs a mix of other content types.

  • Heavy on video, which is good!

  • Posting is not happening daily. Consider bumping posting frequency from every few days to every weekday or even 7days a week.

Imagine the day you come into work and your digital marketing is done. You don't have to skip lunch to get a post on Facebook or stay late to finish a flyer for a promotion. We want that for you! We want to reduce your stress and create time for you so you can focus on your team and clients.

Facebook Pixel




  • Your account appears to be locked down! THIS SHOULD BE FIXED ASAP.



  • Frequency needs to be ramped up to 5-7 posts per week.

  • Apply a consistent filter set to all photos prior to posting and curate the feed for visual cohesion.

  • More images from around the office will humanize the staff and the business making it feel warmer and more appealing.



  • Profile created! A+

  • Extremely underutilized.

  • Header needs to match branding on all social media and website images.


Review and Reputation Management

  • Engage

  • Highlight Services

  • Reinforce Branding


  • Increases your authority and credibility.

  • YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than any broadcast or cable network on mobile (HubSpot).

  • Content is searchable forever unlike social posts.

  • Did you know Youtube is the second largest search engine? (Forbes)

  • YouTube can help improve your SEO and overall brand presence.

  • YouTube allows businesses to present unique content that's easy for viewers to consume and share.

  • All videos need to be posted to Facebook video AND YouTube with proper organization, tags, links, intros, and outros.

  • Be sure to go the full extra mile when posting to YouTube and utilize all aspects they provide to foster success during the uploading process.


Google Plus

  • This will be going away April 2, 2019, and will be replaced with a new corporate-focused version. Stay tuned to our content for info on how to best utilize that to your benefit.



  • A phenomenal tool for digital marketing. Pins are evergreen content that will be viewed over and over again.

  • The more boards you curate the more people will stumble upon them.

The 5 Key Advantages

of a Partnership with Tiny Sparrow 

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  1. Increase your visibility and brand awareness by streamlining your online appearance, attracting more attention, and elevating your image as Houston’s premier insurance partner.

  2. Generate leads by making your phones ring, or Facebook Messenger to ding!

  3. Give your team back MORE TIME through coaching and offloading most social media related tasks to us.

  4. Establish you as a leader/authority in your space and the community --  or even nationally.

  5. Save you money on expert solutions instead of an in-house hire with lesser experience.

Make Tiny Sparrow a

Part of the Team

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Let Tiny Sparrow help you by...

  • freeing you from the anxiety/difficulty of managing your digital marketing,

  • creating more time for you,

  • building a strategy around your needs and goals,

  • executing a tailored digital marketing plan,

  • overseeing the outgoing message (and inbound comments) to ensure it is persistent and consistent,

  • creating content across all mediums: video, photo, graphics, animation, copy, and much more,

  • and providing expert level social media consulting services for your business and staff.

Two major steps to getting started

Bird Solo PNG 2019.png

Branding and platform unification process:

  1. Bring all platforms online and link them together (FB, IG, YT, P, LN)

  2. Update all platforms with current contact information, links, descriptions, images, etc.

  3. Unify the look and feel across all platforms with custom designed headers images or videos

  4. Photograph the property

  5. Create lifestyle videos

  6. Ensure continuity with Google Business Profile

Begin creating content + start posting

  • Create a content calendar and plan out the upcoming 30/60/90 days of content

  • Schedule a time to shoot several videos

  • Curating content for reposting

  • Design images and graphics

  • Start posting and engaging with the audience!

Still unsure?

For some people letting go of the creative reigns can be hard!

We get it!

Maybe our in-house

Digital Marketing Boot-Camp would be better for YOU!

We'll teach your team everything we know in one afternoon workshop.

After that,

YOU will be

the experts!

What you will learn at Bootcamp:

  • What each platform is used for and which are best for YOU.

  • How to post on each platform

  • What to post and what NOT to post

  • Coming up with ideas for posting

  • How to make your pics look great 
  • How to film yourself with any kind of camera

  • Time management hacks

  • Engagement tips and tricks

  • Tools to help make your online experience better

  • A few of the deep dark secrets we swore to never share when we became sworn social media experts

  • and so much more!

Digital Marketing Bootcamp is designed to give you and your team a HUGE headstart on the digital marketing game, with expert insights and years of experience distilled down into one super concentrated afternoon.

We will have a discovery call with you prior to the course to asses your biggest needs and the current skill level of your team. This helps us craft the most rewarding course experience possible.




/per session

         (for 10 seats)

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