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Matt & Team!


Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to review your digital marketing efforts and offer our professional opinion on how you can improve with the ultimate goal of getting more leads, closing more deals and (of course!) MAKING MORE MONEY. We will also help you to extract more value from the Houston Real Producers platform and get more back from that investment for as long as you continue to be a member of that publication group.


Below you will find the report card for your business. Don't be alarmed! This is not going on your permanent record, and you don't even have to show your parents! Our grading is based on "C" being the average of what businesses like yours are doing, "F" would be no action taken, and "A" would be the level we'd expect you to be at to take full advantage of digital marketing and social media to grow your business. 


Just like school, it is not enough to simply attend classes. You can go to school every day and still fail! Same thing with social media. You need to apply focused effort and strategy and time management to get good grades!


Our objectives are to elevate your image to gain potential client's trust and relieve pressure from the team so they can do what they are best at doing -- closing deals.


Let's get started with your audit. Remember, everything we cite below can be fixed and significantly improved with the right set of tools, skills, and knowledge Tiny Sparrow Marketing brings to your team. With Matt as your leader and the current positioning Encompass has in the market, you are in a very good place to begin utilizing social media to your business's advantage!

Report Card


Posting frequency is better than most; however, you should post 3x per day

on average for maximum ROI and exposure. Not every post is going to be

seen by all your followers every single time thanks to the algorithms. Let's

beat the algorithm and get you to level of an industry leader. Consumers,

like myself and many of my friends, go straight to social media to learn

about a company, their values, their products, and services. Don't miss

this opportunity to engage with them! You have more to lose than to gain

from an outdated social media feed. Reviews are key! But, we'll discuss

that further down.




Most of the content you have posted is related to the business, meaning you are relying on the self-promotion category. It would be best if you were using social media to tap into all of the phycological buying habits, such as creating a portal to teach your current and potential customers everything about the business, including tips and tricks, tutorials, Vlogs, profiles, and more. They need to get to know Matt before they do business with him. Think TV anchor. You know them and feel connected with them, but have never met them.



Doing Facebook is an excellent place to start; however, with some extra added effort, you could add Instagram and YouTube to the mix. Utilization of YouTube will boost your organic Google search results since a. Google owns YouTube, b. 73% of Americans have a YouTube account, the highest of all social media platforms, and c. YouTube is the 2nd most widely used search engine. Also, Matt's LinkedIn profile is not being used to its fullest advantage to sell his expertise on a platform where the audience has a higher socio-economic status -- meaning a higher chance of being a homeowner.





Be sure to follow back and comment on all interactions across all platforms. Your users want to feel heard; they want to feel important. Don't ignore them! It shows the algorithm you value their time and opinion giving you better organic growth positioning. Plus, "likes" make every feel better about themselves. Why not spread the love!



Unify the header images across all social platforms, and if possible, your website, to show your potential clients are a reputable, professional business. (Don't forget, headers can be made from a video, which is impressive!) Investing in your branding will elevate your image, share your values, and draw in more leads. Consumers want to show off they are working with the best, so attract them by being polished and professional -- but still relatable.



Only 8 ratings on Facebook and none on Google. The testimonials found on the home page are good, but nowadays people trust reviews more than written testimonials. Also, consumers are NOT looking for these reviews on your website, but on Google (which uses keywords in your reviews to increase your ranking) and Facebook. Whenever possible, testimonials should be turned into case studies that tell a story -- ideally incorporating video of the person.



The "Google My Business" profile is missing a majority of its content. Google currently shows the business as CLOSED!!!! (See image below.) 



Authority is lacking due to insufficient content, educational content, backlinks, and outbound links. Again, having a well-manicured online presence and marketing strategy will elevate your image and draw in high-ticket buyers and top producing agents. 


Imagine the day you come into work and your digital marketing is done. You don't have to skip lunch to get a post on Facebook or stay late to finish a flyer for a promotion. We want that for you! We want to reduce your stress and create time for you so you can focus on your team and clients.

Your Google "My Business" Listing

example of Encompass Lending google resu

Here is a screen shot of your Google Business listing

Good example of a google my business pag

A complete Google business profile looks like this.

Your Social Feeds

  • Facebook

Encompass Lending Group/The Matt Brown Team

Points to Ponder

  • Needs more visual cohesion
  • Needs to execute branding of message and values more
  • You are a professional business that provides a professional service; don't let DIY graphics and images on your feed paint you otherwise
  • Needs to be more consistent and persistent
    • Posting here and there isn't going to beat the algorithm!
    • Just because you post it once, doesn't mean your post will be seen. Up your chances of getting exposure by being more consistent and persistent with your content calendar.


The Steps to Success

Step #1

The Digital Makeover

Rebranding your platforms, your Google listing, and anything else that needs to have cohesion with your online identity entails graphic designing new headers/banners, profile images, templates, and installation of them to the appropriate platforms. We will work with you to adhere to any brand policies or guidelines given by your franchise.


We need to make sure you are set up to begin using Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as Instagram and YouTube, to facilitate the BIG increase in posting frequency that will happen.


To also illustrate you are the authority in this industry, video intro and outro sequences, music, and ender contact info slides will be created to tie in your brand and elevate your business.


Ideally, you should make an introductory video for your business. This is no longer a "good idea" but essential if you want to have the full attention of the Google algorithm.


Google has added a place for this video on your Google business listing, along with pics of your business, staff, inside/outside of your office, and FAQs.


We want you to look so put together and build trust that consumers and realtors have no other choice but to work with you.

The Discovery Call

Step #2

Imagine the day you come into work and your digital marketing is done. You don't have to skip lunch to get a post on Facebook or stay late to finish a flyer for a promotion. We want that for you! We want to reduce your stress and create time for you so you can focus on your team and clients.

But first, we need to chat. The objective of the discovery call is to create a more crafted strategy to suit the specific needs of your business and budget. We need to identify the biggest pain points about running your digital marketing and your personal hopes and dreams for what Tiny Sparrow Marketing can deliver for you.

281-900-8026 /// Blaine (call or text)

208-403-7687 // Idolina (call or text)


Step #3



Actually, before you can start winning, you'd need to select your plan of choice and work with us to begin creating the outgoing content your channels will be distributing.



Thinking of ideas to fill that calendar can be daunting and overwhelming. No worries! That is why we are here. We are part of your TEAM. Plus, we are super creative and love creating content.


Relax knowing you made the right choice with the ROI to prove it!

Step #4