Increase marketing odds by 403% -- yes please!!!

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

We all know that video is taking over the internet. Things like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and Youtube have become staples of our daily digital routine. Video is just easier, faster, and more fun when it comes to the relay of information. In fact, it is reported that real estate listing that includes a video get 403% more calls than those without. A statistic that I feel reaches beyond even just real estate!

So why are you still relying on still photos, and flat graphic design to promote your business online?? In a past life, I was the marketing director for a small company. (This was years before I learned how to shoot, edit and produce video like a pro.)

If you would have asked me then why I was not using video to promote the business, I'd have told you 2 answers.

1. I don't how to make videos

2. I can't afford the cost to have them made for me

So I stuck to Photoshop work that I could do myself and photos that I also took myself. As the primary base of our content strategy. Fortunately, at that point in time, the algorithms were still more friendly toward that type of strategy and the principle of being consistent and persistent was also true (as it is still true today.)

But 403% is impossible to ignore...right? If I gave you a choice of two lottery tickets and told you ticket A is cheaper than ticket B. However, Ticket B has a 400% greater chance of winning. Would you ever in a million years choose ticket A??? But in marketing businesses do it EVERY DAY.

Are you like me 10 years ago? Do you know you should be using video, but your unfamiliarity and assumption of cost keep forcing you to choose the cheaper lottery ticket and leaving the ticket with a 400% greater chance of winning on the table?

No worries... Let me help you. I have 2 easy ways to start using video that anyone can do.

1. Use your smart phone. We all have a smart phone, or know someone who does. Open up that camera app and start telling the world about your products/services or listings. Your best bet with the DIY method is to use IG stories and Facebook live as people expect these to be less polished and have a lower production value due to the "on the spot" nature.

2. Hire someone to make the content for you. Believe it or not, there are video production companies who are in the same boat as you! They own a business, they need clients and would be willing to give you a great deal just to get a little business rolling through the doors. Finding them can be hard though, because (just like you) they don't have a huge advertising budget.)

Are tired of choosing the the lottery ticket with the worst odds of winning? Ready to start winning? Ready to improve your odds by 403%?? Tiny Sparrow Marketing is a smaller digital marketing company that specializes in making videos for online marketing. We have helped doctors, headhunters, realtors, retail businesses, and more to promote themselves more professionally online.

The best part is that our prices are more affordable than you'd probably assume and we are a small company so you get our explicit attention when you hire us.

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